Release 01 - 35 Collection

35 __ Trentacinque
35 system opens up new opportunities for the use of light that goes beyond illumination.

It becomes a communicative element, across multiple sectors- at home, in hospitality, retail, commercial, F&B arrangements, art installations

From hidden to revealed, 35 can create concealed details or be the centrepiece of a breathtaking installation. Its subtleness draws a thin line between functional details, graphical statements and decorative features using materials, colors, and light. 

35 is a linear modular system that combines accent and diffused light for different design requirements, by switching on the different pre-configured groups. It combines diffused direct and indirect as well as accent light, giving designers the freedom to create diverse architectural lighting installations from one product.

There are multiple possible combination, for example through the use of the smoked diffuser which, when the light is off, enables a continuous effect of black finish, giving the impression that the track and the diffuser are one and the same part. When switched on, the diffuser amazingly performs as indirect soft light.

The 35 collection is now available in the elegant satin gold finish and, on request for minimum orders, Dim to Warm, Tuneable White, RGB, RGBW and Single Pixel LED options.

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