Broadway is a recessed system for an effect of luminous continuity on the ceilings that can be customized to create combinations that are new every time. It consists of two extruded aluminium profiles in a black finish, with a three-phase electrified track as an option. 
Installed in plasterboard false ceilings, Broadway allows the installation of retractable light fittings. The spotlights, available in two sizes, can be anchored to the 3-phase LKM square track through an innovative slide fixing system.This fixing system allows to reposition, change or add spotlights easily.
Miniperfetto and Perfetto spotlights feature a cylindrical design with simple and elegant lines. They are designed for high-efficiency COB LEDs, for high performance. It is available with different colour temperatures.
The fittings feature an adjustable arm with a triple junction, that allows cardan movements on both axes, in addition to the 355° orientation of the head. A range of professional optics are available as accessories, to get different beam angles: they can be easily replaced without tools.
Broadway can be supplied with different components for building paths of light and choreographies that match the architectural needs.

  • Length (mm)
  • Color
Product Color Length (mm)
Broadway, 1300mm profile Black 1300
Broadway, 2300mm profile Black 2300
Broadway, 1300mm profile with LKM track Black 1300
Broadway, 2300mm profile with LKM track Black 2300