Private Apartment - Paris

Paris - France

Paris is always a good idea... 

This project comes to life in the heart of the residential district of Neuilly-Sur-Seine, close to Paris. It starts with the need to redefine the apartment through habitable, usable, and dynamic spaces, completely different from the original internal distribution.
Natural light is the real DNA of this house, which, combined with warm materials such as the natural oak wood of the floor and the white wood panelling of the walls, gives a charming brightness and unique comfort. 

However, artificial light contribution is equally important. Aria's downlights and spotlights (in this project, specifically, Perfetto-IN 70 and Miniperfetto Base and the linear lighting of micro-profiles and LED strips) adapt well to the spirit of the project. They can illuminate rooms and objects with grace, elegance and with respect for the design of the spaces.

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