48VDC surface / suspended square track 1mt

48Vdc low voltage electrified square tracks for ceiling, wall, or suspension applications, available in three different lengths and in different colours.
The tracks are made of extruded aluminium alloy. The copper wires are located inside extruded profiles in PVC, with a high insulating property.
The two conductors can bring also the DALI signal, allowing for the dynamic control of single light sources. Specific parts are required for this use.
They are certified by the Italian Quality Mark Institution (IMQ) and they comply with current Standards (EN 60570).
The tracks include a wide range of accessories, visible on each data sheet.
The continuity of the positive line between each element is important for correct installation of all the accessories in a 48V track composition.
The tracks are compatible with spotlights equipped with the specific 48V adapter. 
  • Length (mm)
  • Color
Product Color Length (mm)
48VDC surface / suspended square track 1mt Black 1000
Mat white 1000
48VDC surface / suspended square track 2mt Black 2000
Mat white 2000
48VDC surface / suspended square track 3mt Black 3000
Mat white 3000