From hidden to revealed,
35 can create concealed details
or be the centerpiece of a
breathtaking installation.

35 Linear and 35 Track, are the main products of the 35 collections. They represent when used in combination, a unique element of its kind with an innovative design and complementary lighting features.

The three-segment 35mm core allows 35 Linear to be symmetrical and homogenous one moment and asymmetric and targeted the next. 35 Track, on the other hand, combines the design of 35 with
the performance of low voltage tracks for greater design versatility.

The combination of the two elements allows creating a product that can satisfy all lighting needs.


35 Trentacinque system has three different types of light: Indirect diffuse uplight, direct diffuse downlight and accent lighting.
Nanoperfetto 35 Trentacinque is a miniaturized adjustable projector for accent lighting.

Using these modular elements, 35 Trentacinque system is easily configurable to design the lighting of space with total flexibility of shapes and functions.
35 components,
freely configurable:
35 Track components,
freely configurable:

The light sources can be customized with three different light beams to create customized choreographies and atmospheres. Perfectly combinable with projectors that concentrate light in specific directions, the luminous linear element reinvents itself every time it is switched on.

35 Linear Features| 35 Track Features